A computer you'll fall in love with

A computer that runs certified UNIX.

A computer that is thin and light.

A computer you can't hear when it's on.

A computer with a beautiful display.

A computer with the fastest storage.

A computer with the best trackpad.

A computer with great battery life.

A computer made of premium materials, that feels great to handle.

A computer with great looking fonts.

A computer you can open with one finger.

A computer with ports that will become better over time, not worse.

A computer with great resale value, that is still useful for someone after years of loving use.

A computer that is encrypted by default.

A computer with another computer inside it, to secure your data.

A computer that foregoes old buttons in favour of breaking new ground.

A computer that always turns on when you ask it to, and doesn't need to chime to confirm.

A computer that wakes briskly from sleep and unlocks itself if it's you.

A computer that doesn't need drivers.

A computer that runs beautiful software, made by people that care.

A computer with a screen that will dim and brighten on its own.

A computer that shuts off its fans or speakers so it can hear you better.

A computer you can find if it's stolen.

A computer that is accessible, from the moment when you're first setting it up.

A computer you can answer phone calls or SMS messages from.

A computer that updates itself when you're not using it.

A computer that backs itself up, and syncs your most important folders, music, photos to your other devices.

A computer with consistent key bindings between applications, but that allows you to change anything.

A computer that knows where all your files are, and presents them when you type their name in.

A computer that does all of the above, out of the box.