Deploying an app with Facebook Login in 5 minutes

People like to think of certain features as if they're a big deal. Things like "realtime," "native Cordova app" or "Facebook Login."

Frameworks like Meteor can trivialize their implementation. You sacrifice some flexibility, and hide the complexity behind a curtain of "magic." It's not the correct solution for every use case, but boy can it blow people away.

Here's how to build an app with Facebook OAuth-backed user accounts. I've even included the step that installs the whole framework.

$ curl | sh
$ meteor create fb
$ cd fb
$ meteor add accounts-ui accounts-facebook
$ meteor

Now just chuck {{> loginButtons}} anywhere in your <body> template in fb.html, and open http://localhost:3000.

The only thing that's left now is just standard Facebook App creation. Thankfully, Meteor holds your hand throughout the entire process.

Facebook App creation tutorial

And after that, you're set. Later, you can deploy it to the internet with just one command:

$ meteor deploy myapp

If you haven't already, give Meteor a go.