What to do with software development downtime

Waiting on a long build or deploy? Blocked on your main task? Not at 100% brain capacity to work on your main task? Slow day in general?

Try doing any of the following:

  • Ask colleagues if they need help
  • Write docs
  • Fix / refactor tests
  • Improve test coverage
  • Lint files
  • Fix warnings when installing dependencies / running servers / app runtime
  • Find and clean up TODO comments
  • Create tickets / improve existing unclear tickets / delete irrelevant or old tickets
  • Upgrade project dependencies
  • Run benchmarks / profile things which are slow
  • Reduce bundle or build sizes
  • Remove dependencies on tools or external libraries
  • Run audits for security or accessibility
  • Use a screen reader or dictation software to find access issues in your frontend
  • Test your frontends in obscure browsers
  • Go for a walk and decompress a bit